Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Muaythai Skills

Muaythai considered by many as the most exciting and dynamic ring sport around, incorporates the use of all eight weapons of the human body; the fists, knees, elbows and feet.

Safety is the most important aspect of Muaythai. Every boxer will be given a boxer's book and a medical examination prior to and after every fight. The weigh-in process for all boxers will take place before the fight, for all 14 strict weight divisions. During the competition, boxers must wear protective equipment consisting of head guard, mouth guard, chest guard, elbow guard, gloves, hand wraps, groin guard and shin guards.

Referees in Muaythai must meet strict criteria and undergo annual test to keep up the knowledge and skills. There are 5 judges for each fight in order to score both offensive and defensive point decisions. Bouts are divided into 4 rounds of 2 minutes per round with 1 minute break between rounds.

Muaythai has brought athletes together from around the world regardless of race, culture or religion for friendly international contests. Friendship plays a big part in our sport, especially taking physical aspects into consideration. This can be seen from boxers who "Wai", a Thai way of greeting, and shake hands with their opponents in the opposite corner as part of the rules.

Muaythai includes many aspects yet stands as a singular sport with a proud tradition and heritage, a long lasting culture with people practicing the sport for fitness, health, self-confidence, and an over-all way of life!

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