Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Decision

The two groups meet Stephen and Jaymee in the training area to announce their decision. Naruepol steps out as the representative of the Wild Boars and points at his opponent, Trevor from the Tiger Kings. In his interview, Naruepol says that he was not worried about Trevor because he was not better than him in Muay Thai. Trevor comments that he feels good about his decision but it will be one of his greatest challenges as his opponent was Thai and that the reality was that they were known to be the best. However he also adds that, "they're human." Sean comically comments that it would be good if Trevor loses so that he could go back to his honeymoon and everyone will be happy.

The Confrontation with the Blues

In the Wild Boar's room Rafik starts to show his true colours as the group settle around the room. He tells Sean that Yodsaenklai had explicitly told him that he wanted to fight with the "Scottish guy". As this has been brought out of the blue, raised eyebrows are exchanged around the room. Bruce questions him, "Are you sure he said that?" Rafik continues to stick by his story, by saying, "If it wasn't true, I wouldn't bring it up."

When Rafik leaves the room, everyone exclaims that Rafik's story seemed to have boiled out of thin air. Bruce comments that Rafik might be playing some sort of game and not to trust him till what Yodsaenklai says actually does come through. David believed that Rafik was attempting to manipulate. Bruce believed it was a strategy to take out the stronger fighter first so that Rafik would not have to deal with it. Sean though confused with this twist of events, decides not to take Rafik's words to heart. There seems to be a lack of trust in the blue team of their leader.

Dinner Time

For dinner before the fight, both teams have their meals together. Naruepol attempts to analyze Trevor at the dinner table. However he commented that though he saw no fear in Trevor, he has to have some fear as he was competing against a Thai boxer. Trevor on the other hand, said in his interview that he does not like to waste any mental energy before the fight though he was a little worried by Naruepol.

Trevor has a chat with Wayne to gain some advice from the experience that he has had. Wayne suggested, "to move around and use the space deliver shots and get out." Wayne then promises to be in Trevor's corner during the match. Trevor is elated that Wayne has agreed to help due to experience in Muay Thai and also due to the fact that Wayne was his role model. They share a hug, before getting ready for the fight.

30 minutes to fight

We first see Trevor preparing in his room with Wayne. He says he wants to win this because he did not want to return empty handed to his new wife. Stephen gives some last words of encouragement to Trevor before placing the mongkok on his head.

In the blue's room, Naruepol explain that he was fighting for his mother who had been so hardworking all her life. He said that if he lost he would be ashamed and would not dare face anyone for a long time. Stephen told him to win it for Thailand wishes him good luck places the mongkok on his head. "I must complete my duty," he says.

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