Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Decision-Making

The Wild Boars go back to the training area to make their decision. They determine who would want to fight first, against the Tiger Kings. There is a silence around the room before Naruepol volunteers to fight. He says in his interview that he wants to be the first one to enter the ring. Naruepol says he wants to fight against Trevor and the team joke that they should send him back to his new wife. Bruce felt that Wayne should be sent out in a strategic move to get rid of the best. He said that they thought he was the strongest; he had a problem with his weight and would be easy to eliminate. David agreed with Bruce's strategy. Rafik commented jokingly that if Wayne did not lose weight he would die in the ring. David also brought up Zach who being inured would be easy to eliminate. They all seemed to agree that they should take advantage of the situation with Zach.

Back with the Tiger Kings who has retired to the loft, Wayne tries to boost morale by saying, "it doesn't matter what happened in the race, what was going to happen in the ring was much more important." In his interview he explains that in the loft, it was very nerve wrecking due to having to wait for the decision. Wayne jokes, in attempt to lighten the mood that perhaps he should have been nicer to Rafik. He believed that they were going to choose him to fight due to his weight problem. Zach added that it would be horrible if they chose him right now, due to his injury. In his interview, Soren took the blame for tripping Zach and felt very bad about it and he was hoping that the Boars would not choose Zach. Trevor thought that they might pick one of their less experienced men in the Kings.

In the Boar'Zacks room, due to the language barrier with Naruepol, the team goes to the wall with the pictures of the contenders. There Naruepol points out the contender he wants to fight against. He believed that he was not so strong so it would be an easy win. The entire team agrees with his decision, which has not been revealed to the audience yet.

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