Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Challenge

As the men are brought out for their first challenge, they seem serious about winning. Wayne comments that it is important to win to be able to determine the fighters for the first match. Jaymee explains that in this challenge they will be running "sprints in a relay" against the other groups. They have to run, tag a member on the opposite side and only the next member will run. The race is only complete when all members have finished their run. The catch, Stephen adds, is that instead of running singularly, they will be running in pairs, attached by a rope and a relay. Stephen explained that this would test not only their stamina but also their teamwork. He exclaims, "there is no I in team." They partner up and start joining each other through the rope and relay. David derives a strategy for the blue group to speed up or slow down according to their partner.

The race begins when everyone is finally joined with their partners and are at their starting positions. Jaymee blows the horn and off they run! Bruce and Alain for the blue and Dzhabar and Trevor for the red. The Tiger Kings seems to be in the lead however the Wild Boars manage to tie with them towards the end as they tag their next teammates. At this point, the Boars are a little more in the lead. Zach and Soren run for the Tiger Kings. However, as they run Zach trips over Soren's foot and falls down making them both crumble to the ground.

The Wild Boars manage to take the lead and win the race. However the teamwork shows as the red team, forget the race and run to Zach's side. He has injured his shoulder as a result. During this time, the Wild Boars howle in the happiness of winning. Stephen tells Zach to bounce back from the injury although Zach looks obviously unhappy, as he has caused his group's loss. Jaymee announces that the blue team wins the challenge and they release a cheer. The Wild Boars now get to decide the fighters for the competition, one from their group and the opponent from the Tiger Kings. Bruce from the blue team jokingly asks, "Who wants to go home?"

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