Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meeting the contenders

Meet their trainer, Stephen Fox, one of the world's leading trainer and former Muay Thai World Champion. He owns and runs the world famous Muay Thai gym in Koh Samui and is the Vice President of the World MuayThai Council. He has, together with his team of trainers, handpicked the contenders from all over the world. Stephen meets Jaymee Ong our host for the show at the main arena in which the contenders will be fighting. Together they introduce the fighters in the show. As they are being introduced, the fighters walk into the arena and line up in front of the ring.

First of is Joakim Karlsson from Sweden. Next we have Naruepol Fairtex from Thailand. Jose Pitu Sans from Spain. Following him is Zidov Dominik from Switzerland. David Pacquette from United Kingdom is up next. Subsequently comes Dzhabar Askerov from United Arab Emirates. Yodsaenklai from Thailand comes after. In his interview he says, I am a world champion famous in Thailand and the world. I'm not afraid of fighting against western fighters. Homegrown Zach from Singapore comes next saying in his interview that he is the underdog albeit with the least amount of fighting experience. He goes into it with nothing to lose! John Wayne who we have already seen earlier is up next. Following him is Rafik Bakkouri from France saying in his interview, "I'm a fighter in life and I'm a fighter in the ring." The second Australian fighter Bruce Macfie comes next. Subsequently is Alain Sylvestre from Canada. Next up is Sean Wright from Scotland. Trevor Smandych from Canada, who just got married twenty-four hours before he had to come to Singapore for The Contender, walks in. Next is James Martines from United States of America. And finally, the third Australian fighter Soren Mongkontong arrives in the arena.

Stephen then explains to them that that was where they would be fighting and where the fate of their stay in the competition would lie. Jaymee continues on to explain that each week two men will fight where the winner will stay and the loser goes home. The winner not only is the Ultimate Muay Thai fighter but also wins a prize money of USD$150,000.

The contenders start to introduce each other and mingle around the room. Being trained in this traditional Thai martial art, they put their hands together and bow in a traditional Thai custom, while sizing up the competition. Sean says in his interview that looking at Stephen, the world class trainer as well as the competition, the reality hits that this is the ultimate competition and that there is no turning back from there.

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